Traverse Singlefold Edgeless Ramp by EZ-Access

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The Traverse® Singlefold Edgeless Ramp by EZ-Access

The TRAVERSE™ Singlefold Edgeless Ramp offers a unique design that eliminates curbs, providing a smooth and hassle-free loading experience for a variety of equipment. Whether you're loading snow blowers or lawn tractors with wide decks and inset wheels, this ramp ensures easy maneuverability. Its quick setup and foldable design, along with a convenient carrying handle, make transportation and storage effortless.

Designed with durability in mind, this ramp is built to withstand high-traffic usage. Its full-length, live hinge allows for even weight distribution, preventing any load deflection that may occur. Additionally, the ramp features an extruded surface that is slip-resistant, providing superior traction for added safety.

In summary, the TRAVERSE™ Singlefold Edgeless Ramp is a reliable and practical solution for loading equipment. Its curbless design, quick setup, and folding capabilities, along with its durable construction and slip-resistant surface, make it an ideal choice for those seeking convenience and safety when loading a wide range of equipment.


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