Foam Grip for the Golden Technologies Companion II (GC321, GC421)

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This foam grip for the Golden Technologies Companion II (GC321, GC421) is perfect for replacing a worn, torn, or otherwise tattered grip on your scooter. This grip is sold by the single piece. If replacing both grips on your scooter's tiller, please order two.

Note: These great little grips are a tight fit, but will easily slide onto the standard tiller handle once you know the professional scooter mechanic's secret.

  • Don't try to push a grip on dry!
  • Use a spray window cleaner, hair spray, or sudsy, soapy water as a lubricant -- DO NOT USE WD-40 or other solvent-based product.
  • Spray a copious squirt into both ends of the foam grip and also along the handlebar shaft. Don't scrimp on the spray; the more the merrier.
  • Gently twist the grip onto the handlebar.
  • The lubricant will soon dry up leaving the grip stuck tenaciously to your tiller.

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