Scooters, Lift Chairs and More: Should You Rent or Buy?
Posted by justin
31st Jan 2018

Scooters, Lift Chairs and More: Should You Rent or Buy?

When loved one's age or when they are injured, they sometimes have a harder time getting around on their own. Scooters, lift chairs, and other mobility equipment can make it easier for them to stand up or sit down and to move around more freely. When you are looking at your options, the choice between buying and renting can be confusing. Which is better? The truth is that which is the best fit for you and your family is individual and will be based on some fundamental factors.

Questions to Ask When Considering Renting or Buying Mobility Products

  • Will the need for the item be ongoing or temporary?
  • Will your insurance cover the cost of a purchase?
  • Do you know specifically what you need?
  • Are you satisfied with the features and selection of rental options?
  • Does the rental agreement fit your intended use for the item?

Will the need for the item be ongoing or temporary?

Talk to the doctor about how long the need for a lift chair, scooter or other items may persist. If it is only going to be three or four months, renting may be a better option. Renting will not only save money. It can also avoid the hassle of trying to sell equipment later on when it is no longer needed.

However, if your family member's disability is permanent, it may be more economical to buy equipment instead of renting. Estimate how long you intend to have use of the equipment and divide the price by that number of months. The cost per month for purchasing may be a better value than renting, so it is crucial to evaluate if buying the equipment or renting is a better deal.

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Will your insurance cover the cost of a purchase?

In some cases, insurance will cover the cost of purchase if your doctor prescribes the use of mobility equipment. Medicare, for instance, will often cover all costs on some items after the patient pays a 20% coinsurance payment and any unmet deductible for that year as long. The patient will need to meet specific mobility requirements. While many times Medicare will pay to purchase equipment, in other cases, they will pay the cost of renting. Talk with your insurance provider to find out what may be covered and whether it meets your loved one's needs.

Do you know specifically what you need?

There are many options available when it comes to scooters, lift chairs and other equipment. It may make sense to test a few options before committing to purchasing one. This way, you can make sure that the item in question is just right. For instance, lift chairs come in styles that include two position chairs, three position chairs and heavy duty bariatric chairs that can handle larger weight limits. By renting one or two options before committing, you can see which models are most likely to provide the additional mobility your loved one needs.

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Are you satisfied with the features and selection of rental options?

Depending on the specific items you need, you may find that you have a wider selection of options available to purchase than to rent. Do you want some customizable options? Many of these will not be available with a rental model but can be added on to a chair, scooter or bed that you purchase. For instance, lift chairs can be purchased with upgraded fabric to match decor and comfort options like massage, heat and ergonomic head and neck pillows. While these can be great options for many, others will find that they do not want any of these extras. By identifying specific needs, you can pick the option that fits both your preferences and your budget.

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Does the rental agreement fit your intended use for the item?

Carefully look over rental agreements to make sure that they fit your loved one's needs and lifestyle. Is there a contract on the rental, or is it month to month? What happens to the contract if you find you no longer need the chair or scooter before the end of its term? Is there a chance that you will put more wear and tear on the item that is allowed under the rental agreement? If your use is light, then a rental agreement can be the better path. If you foresee heavy use or excess wear and tear, you may find that excess fees from the rental company can outweigh any savings over purchasing.

Making the Decision to Rent or Buy Sage Mobility Equipment

No one can make the decision for every individual; each person's health and mobility needs are different. By assessing all of the costs and all of the offerings, you can make the choice that is right for you.

At Sage Mobility Access & Mobility, we strive to make life easier for you and the people who you care for daily. Get in touch today to learn about the home modifications that can help your aging relative maintain their independence and get around more easily in their home.

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Hanydworkx is happy to offer wheelchair rentals, scooter rentals, powerchair rentals, and ramp rentals. Our rental equipment can be the ideal solution if a disabled loved one is visiting you for an extended period of time, if you don't want to make permanent changes to your home, or if your disability doesn't require long-term attention. To learn more about our rental program, call us today at (610) 518-2221.

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