PressureGuard APM2 Mattress, Span America

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Span-America APM Mattress System
APM: without Lateral Rotation
APM2: with Lateral Rotation

PressureGuard APM/APM2 Mattress

Span America Mattress System fits twin size hospital bed.
Available with or without the Lateral Rotation Function.

Lateral Rotation Function:
The APM2 Mattress includes a Non-Programmable Lateral Rotation function. An assistant must flip a switch located at the foot of the mattress to activate rotation. With mattress toggle switch set to “Lateral Rotation”, two air cylinders on one side inflate, while the two on the opposite side deflate, gently rotating the patient approximately 20° to one side. After approximately 5 minutes, the inflation pattern reverses and the patient is rotated to the opposite side. Rotation time is fixed and cannot be changed.

Alternating Pressure Function:
With mattress toggle switch set to “Alternating Pressure”, air cylinders 1 and 3 inflate while 2 and 4 deflate. After approximately 5 minutes, the pattern reverses.

With its two distinct therapy modes, the PressureGuard APM2 gives you twice the treatment options. Twice the flexibility. Twice the value.APM/Rotate Toggle switchChange instantly and easily from alternating pressure to basic lateral rotation with a single, recessed toggle switch. Requires no disconnecting or exchanging of air lines.

The new Deluxe control unit5900 Deluxe Pumpis included on the "rotation" mattress. The “Static” button parks the unit in powered flotation mode, temporarily suspending rotation/alternating pressure to facilitate feeding, transfers, dressing changes, etc. The "Low Pressure" indicator light gives users at-a-glance assurance of proper function.The APM2 delivers all the patented features that make the original PressureGuard APM stand out from the pack: Therapeutic Geo-Matt anti-shearing top surface; two-part smooth, subtle shifts in weight bearing in ten-minute cycles without sharp pressure drop-offs.

Control Unit:
The PressureGuard APM is available with the standard Control Unit (no Rotation feature), or with the Deluxe Control Unit which offers Rotation feature.

Weight limit: 350 lbs.
Mattress weight: 20 lbs.
Pump weight: 5.25 lbs., UL listed.

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