Brand-neutral wound care supplies

Sage Medical Supply works closely with leading manufacturers in order to supply an extensive number of brand-neutral wound care supplies. We deliver wound care supplies directly to patients in as little as 24 hours and provide ongoing, unlimited support.

Our Wound Care Products Include:

  • Calcium Alginates
  • Cohesive Wraps
  • Collagen Dressings
  • Composite Dressings
  • Contact Layers
  • Impregnated Gauze
  • Non-adherent Dressings
  • Transparent Films
  • Compression Bandages
  • Compression Stockings and Wraps
  • Foam Dressings
  • Gauze
  • Silver Dressings
  • Hydrocolloid Dressings
  • Hydrofiber Dressings
  • Hydrogels
  • Unna Boots
  • Wound Cleansers
  • Tape