Carpet Fastener Kit for the Golden Avenger, Companion, Buzzaround Lite, Buzzaround XL, & Patriot Scooters, Golden Technologies

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If your scooter has seen hard use, then the carpet fastener kit for the Golden Avenger, Companion and Buzzaround Lite, Buzzaround XL, & Patriot scooters will help you repair and replace your scooter's carpeting.

This kit is usable on the following Golden Technologies scooters:

  • Avenger (GA531/GA541)
  • Companion I GC221
  • Companion II GC321
  • Companion II GC421
  • Companion I GC240
  • Companion II GC340
  • Companion II GC440
  • Buzzaround Lite GB106
  • Buzzaround XL (GB116)
  • Patriot (GR575)

Comes with four complete sets of anchors, 12 pieces in all.

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